Supply Chain Management

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First of all, supply chain management has been increasingly recognized as a cornerstone of company’s success. It consists of multiple areas, such as customer service, operations, logistics, purchasing and sourcing, inventory management, planning, etc., and we see that the most successful companies, particularly in the retail and distribution sectors, are the ones who are able to effectively align and coordinate these functions in one coherent function. To do this, companies need employees with an integrative mindset, ones who understand how their actions impact other functions, customers, suppliers—and vice a versa.

This program will build awareness and understanding of fundamental principles of supply chain management and its effects on a firm’s performance. It will increase an employee’s understanding of his/her role in the wider supply chain-management context. Improve their decision-making from narrow functional outlook to a broader organizational and ultimately supply chain level.

ISSA and the Marquette University have partnered to develop an online training course that introduces the seven critical areas of Supply Chain Management, helping individuals learn the processes and achieve a deeper understanding of supply chain management. Participants will excel and provide customers with levels of service they need, at minimal total cost, and gain insights into how to take an integrated view of various supply chain-related functions to maximize levels of customer service.


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