Certified Custodial Technician Basic V7 – with Handbook

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The Basic course focuses on the daily/routine tasks and the interim maintenance tasks, with an emphasis on Best Practices for hard floor care, as well as carpet care, restroom care, shower room care, disinfecting, above-the-floor cleaning, etc. Includes 6 Modules.


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Course lessons include:

Basic Lesson 1: Customer Service

Basic Lesson 2: Chemistry of Cleaning

Basic Lesson 3: Basic Cleaning for Above-the-Floor Surfaces

Basic Lesson 4: Basic Cleaning for Hard Floor Surfaces

Basic Lesson 5: Basic Cleaning for Carpeted Floor Surfaces

Basic Lesson 6: Basic Cleaning of Restrooms and Shower Rooms

Upon obtaining a passing score of 80% in each of the six modules, you will receive your Certified Custodial Technician BASIC certification, which is goods for 2 years. There is a module re-test fee of $24.99 USD in the event you need to retake a portion of the exam. This order includes the Certified Custodial Technician Basic Version 7 Handbook.

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